Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Thet Htat Week 6 At School

Last week on Tuesday some of the year six students went to camp but only seven people that are year six didn’t go to camp at all. The seven year six get to stay with year five on tuesday we got to play cool math-game on wednesday, thursday, and friday. In the morning some of the year six and year five were playing cool math games. Miss Scanlan said stop look and listen we stop look and listen she said pick up the classroom and have your morning tea. When the 2nd bell ring we all went inside our classrooms and we listen to the teacher after Miss Scanlan said we can play cool math games again. When it was wednesday the year 5 students went to kiwi kapers to see the orchestra perform and the circus and the year six got to go to other classes while year five went to kiwi kapers. I went to room 15 Miss Eddie class and she told us to do anything we want. I said I want to do cool math game and she said yes. I thank Miss Scanlan for teaching me and the other year six and five while Miss Parrant and Mr Goodwin looked after the year six at camp.

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